On this trip, we’re travelling in an SBB class Re 460 locomotive from Chur in the south east of Switzerland to Zürich main station. Due to high passenger volume, 2 trains ran with about a 3 minute gap between them, the first one can be seen leaving at the start of the video.

Interesting on this stretch is the brief single track section at 30:10. One might ask, why leave such a short part of the line single tracked on this long double tracked line? Well, before the 3955m Kerenzerberg Tunnel was opened in 1960, trains would continue along the lake, passing through 3 smaller tunnels as a single track line. If you look closely at 31:23, you can see where the old track used to lead between the mountain and the lake. Today, the old track serves as a bicycle track. If you liked the video, leave a thumbs up to help support my channel and feel free to leave questions and comments. Thanks for watching!